Remote keyless car locks have experienced a boom in popularity over the past two decades as more and more drivers are demanding this feature. These helpful devices make remote locking and unlocking of vehicles possible by transmitting a special car lock frequency from a car key fob to an onboard keyless entry system.

There are many benefits to the easy access to your vehicle that this technology provides. Busy workers who frequently have their hands full with briefcases, papers and more, can get in their vehicle quickly without having to find and fumble with a key. Absent-minded drivers can use it to ensure they lock their vehicles. People who feel they are in dangerous situations can use them to gain quick access to their vehicles and quickly secure themselves against intruders.

Some auto owners have expressed concerns about how secure their car lock frequency is. It is true that in the technology’s infancy it was fairly easy for someone with the appropriate technical know-how to intercept signals between the car key fob and the vehicle and use them to gain unauthorized access. This concern is allayed in modern keyless entry systems, however.

Today’s keyless entry systems consist of a remote and entry system that is synchronized and that is constantly changing the car lock frequency needed to gain access to the vehicle. The frequent changes in frequency make it difficult, if not impossible, for thieves to snag signals and use them to gain entry into your vehicle. Most thieves will try less elegant methods instead, such as picking the lock or smashing the window with a brick or other object (Not a comforting thought, to be sure, but such actions do increase their likelihood of being caught in the act).

While there are some people out there with the equipment and the technical skills necessary to intercept signals and crunch enough data to enter your vehicle this way, they are most likely not car thieves, as the equipment and skills necessary to do this would require a considerable investment to obtain.

The security of keyless entry systems may vary from product to product, so consumers should carefully research any system they wish to buy to ensure it meets their needs for security.

Car owners interested in keyless entry systems who are concerned about their vulnerability to being hacked, should consult with a local locksmith specializing in keyless entry systems for cars. A locksmith can help answer any questions you may have about car lock frequency and the security of keyless entry systems, and also make recommendations about which products are the most secure.

Locksmiths can also help car owners install new keyless entry systems by giving them advice on how to do it as a DIY project, or installing the devices for the car owners.

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